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description my character

Post  enrique_pall on Sun May 31, 2009 12:03 am

My name is Jarek. I have now 16 years old and I live in
Poland. My English is average.My character name : Enrique
Pall and have 61 level. My profesion Paladin. My last guild
was the guild Poland. Why has there not? because the guild
is spread.Quite a lot of time you spend on the game in the
tibia ... Only recently I had a short break due to school
and learning but now is ok .. but mostly I try to play a day
with 4-5h. Surely I want to stick to each level as high as
possible and be a significant person on the Antic .. come, I
know that it will be very difficult. and, of course, wants
to join a good Gild. Because I heard from many people that
this is a good guild and it is a neutral guild which there
is no war.My friends are : Sprintel, Lucadex, Elf Elik,
Dawid Tiger and many other smaller but lvl. So the adventure
began to form some years ago .. The beginnings were hard but
somehow I gave rade:) and then it just biłem level .. may be
important information that was once hacked Sad ..


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