Need join the guild

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Need join the guild

Post  ameen on Fri Aug 07, 2009 9:50 pm

Need join the guild

my names is ameen )( I from egypt )( my age is 21
2_ and my Voc Is master sorcerer lvl is 56 My character is elthy and my
3_i don't join any guild before
4_My on hours in tibie in weeks mm 55 hours
5_Got a nice char and now i know who i good in pk and who not and know how i msg all ppl for evrythjing and this game Got a nice English for me Cus before i learn english
6_Cus My Dream in tibia i join this guild
7__got many Frindes In this game ((( Semsema moza _caji and axiet and dragonslayer is my father in this game and emary is my frindes
8_In some times ago i have to going Hunt pk With my frindes in rl and in this day all frindes dead but me Not dead i dead after this day by this ppl more but i got loots in this day 1 boh and demon helmet and mastermind shield this is my Good story in this game


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